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Excedrin: We See Your Pain

Through social listening, Excedrin found that people describe headaches with far more vivid imagery than other typical types of body pain. From waves crashing to gears grinding, the campaign brings to life the otherwise invisible pain that headache sufferers describe and endure. The empathy and understanding the brand shows stands out in a category filled with claims on speed and efficacy.

Results: To date, the campaign has garnered 427 placements for a potential audience of 933MM (and counting!). And with the help of our talent, social media and OOH, our limited editions sold out on the first day , even capturing the attention of Reese Witherspoon!


Broadcast: “wedding” :15

While the way headaches feel is personal and unique, social listening also told us there are many universal headache-inducing moments. That’s what inspired Excedrin to create three limited edition versions of its popular headache relieving product, including the Commuter Edition, Bad Date Edition and Adulting Edition. These limited editions, which bring relief to where it is needed most, were exclusively available on


Adulting Edition


bad date edtion


commuter edition

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Through social listening, we identified Action Network reporter, Darren Rovell (formerly ESPN), tweeting about needing some Excedrin. While watching the Colorado State basketball game, Darren shared the court’s floor design was headache-inducing and that he could use some relief.

In response to the NY Giants trading Odell Beckham Jr to Cleveland, we responded, providing relief to Giants fans after their big loss.

Total placements: 17 (inclusive of earned and social)
Total online impressions: 9,250,000 UVPM
Total social impressions: 1,755,721
Total impressions: 11,005,721